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3in1Sports Bootcamp

Kracht Bootcamp

Are you aspiring to physically and mentally get stronger and fitter? Then join 3in1Sports Bootcamp in Utrecht! Our bootcamps make use of everything the parks and squares and even the waters in Utrecht have to offer. In the summer you can bring your swimming gear!

We work on your physical, mental and social health. You perform exercises that activate muscles you did not know you had. Our goal is to give you the healthiest and most enjoyable hour of the week!

For whom? For you!

The 3in1Sports Bootcamp is for men and women from Utrecht who want to become healthier and fitter. Are you one of those who is panting for breath after having sprinted to catch the train? Are you not able to do a push-up parallel to the ground but can do it at an angle to the wall? Then you have passed the admission test!

If you are already running, cycling or swimming, or if you play squash or football: our Bootcamp fits in perfectly with that. The exercises are structured in such a way that you can perform them at your level. We build the exercises week by week, so that after a few months you will be the one of whom others think: wow, I want to be able to do that too! 

Coordinatie Bootcamp
Stabiliteit Bootcamp

The Bootcamp

We train outdoors and make use of the elements we encounter along the way. You are working on your:

  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Stability
  • Social relations in your neighbourhood

Your trainer is happy to give you advice about clothing and shoes, nutrition and training.





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    Remarks and questions:

    Your trainer

    The Bootcamps are led by Bert Flier. At high school he customary scored an ‘A’ for sports. He is triathlete since 1990, of which 10 years as a semi-pro and won four Dutch titles. He is triathlon coach, lives in Utrecht en looks forward to making you get fitter and stronger!

    Trainer Bert Flier

    Location Bootcamp Utrecht

    The Bootcamps start at De Munt, the junction Leidse Weg – Muntkade.

    Bootcamp Munt








    Trial session

    You can attend a trial Bootcamp session. For free. No strings attached!

    Single session

    Another Bootcamp after your trial session? Buy a single session for €12

    5 sessions €49

    You’ve got the hang of it? Buy a 5-session card. It stays valid indefinitely.

    10 sessions €89

    You want more Bootcamps? Then buy a 10-session card. This one also stays valid indefinitely.

    Other services

    Trainer Bert Flier

    Personal coaching

    Personal Coaching means one-to-one guidance by Bert Flier so you have access to all knowledge of 3in1Sports.


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    Clinic Duurtraining: Lactaat, Hartslag En Intensiteit

    'Training with Lactate' clinic.

    Curious about what your lactate values are during training and what you can do with them? Then come to the 'Training with Lactate' clinic.


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    Inspanningstest Fietsen

    Exercise test

    During an exercise test we determine your metabolic profile and assess your trainability and training zones.


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    Notitieblok, Pen En Laptop

    Coaching call

    If you have a training-related question that you would like to discuss one-on-one with an expert, book a coaching session.


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    Run In The Morning

    Trainings plan

    After the intake and exertion test, we will write your training schedule for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 weeks.


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