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Clinic ‘Trainen met lactaat’

The focus of the clinic is endurance training, as it is the foundation for any endurance athlete. In fact, at least 80 percent of your training hours should consist of endurance training. That's why we will be doing an endurance training in this clinic, where your lactate, heart rate, and intensity will be measured. We will also observe how you perform your training. At the end, we will discuss what we have measured and seen. You will gain insight into the value of lactate measurements during training and how to interpret those numbers, in context with your heart rate, speed, and wattage. You will receive specific tips on how to improve your endurance training, based on what you are currently doing well and what you can improve.
Clinic: Duurtraining, lactaat en intensiteit

Part 1: The Practice

The “Training with Lactate” clinic consists of two parts. The first part is doing an endurance training. During the bike clinic, you will do this on your own smart trainer and bike. With the running clinic, we will do an endurance training outside on a loop. You will perform the endurance training in the way and at the intensity that you normally do. With your own bike computer (biking) and your sports watch (running), you will measure your heart rate, wattage, and speed. Bert Flier will determine your lactate values twice during the session. We will discuss all of this data in part two of the clinic.

Part 2: The Theory

After the practical part, we will explain the purpose of endurance training. During low intensity training, you develop your aerobic system, improve your fat burning, increase the number of aerobic enzymes, improve the function of your mitochondria, and increase your capillarization. However, this means that you must perform your endurance training properly. If you want to learn more about that, you can read the blog ‘Hoe verbeter ik mijn duurtraining’.

Based on the measurements and observations of the endurance training you did in part one, we will explain the added value of lactate measurements and provide feedback on your training.

Who is the training with lactate for?

“Training with Lactate” is for triathletes, runners, and endurance athletes who want to get even more out of their endurance training.

Where does the clinic take place?

The clinic takes place in the testing room of 3in1Sports.

The address: De Alchemist, Europalaan 2, 3526 KS in Utrecht. You can park for free in front of the door.

What does the clinic cost?

Participation in the clinic costs €25. In the week before the clinic, you will receive a payment link.

If you book a performance test after the clinic, you will get the cost of the clinic back.

Datum en programma clinic 1

  • Clinic 1 (biking): Sunday, February 19
  • Check-in: 14:00
  • Endurance training: 14:30-16:00
  • Discussion: 16:30-17:30

Gear list clinic 1

  • Bike
  • Smart trainer
  • Bike computer or sports watch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Short bike clothing
  • 2 towels
  • Filled water bottle

Date and program clinic 2

  • Clinic 2 (running): Sunday, March 19
  • Check-in: 14:00
  • Endurance training: 14:30-16:00
  • Discussion: 16:30-17:30

Gear list clinic 2

  • Running shoes
  • Sports watch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Running clothes
  • towel
  • Filled water bottle




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